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The customs clearance software you need 

Optimise your import  export customs declarations utilising our effective, fast and simple CDS software. 


CUSTUK offers a no-obligation, commitment-free Trial


Single Data Entry Form

CDS, GVMS, Transit and Inventory Linked declarations can be done in a single form

AI and Machine Learning

 Cutting edge technology learns your behaviour, providing predications and autofill

Satisfied Customer base

customer satisfaction is the driving force behind our commitment to delivering exceptional products and services

Easy and Simple

Easily upload declarations using an Excel-based format.

Auto Tariff Check

The system understands the items and countries and displays the best tariffs

Save Time and Money

Customers claim this system saves them between 50% and 80% of form filling time

Prisma Logistics - UK

"A brilliantly designed automated process, considering all the known technicalities one may face, simplified and explained in layman’s terms"

Dauman Logistics Ltd- PL

"This software has significantly streamlined and automated various aspects of the customs process, ensuring accuracy and saving us valuable time."

Manor Shipping Ltd - UK

"After extensive enquires we selected CUSTUK which is easy to use and competitively priced.  We recommend CUSTUK."


CUSTUK is designed to simplify and streamline customs and bonded warehouse Management

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